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              NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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              Improve skills, Strengthen services, Prevent violation, Ensure safety

                                                                                              --SuYang Company held training of YPC LDPE project for forklift drivers
              During Mar 27th and 28th, personnel department and production department of our company held training of YPC project in the classroom in third floor. This training is for all our 50 forklift drivers of YPC CEP/L project based on the serious situation of safety production. The theme of training is “Improve skills, Strengthen services, Prevent violations, Ensure safety”.
              Manager Cai Shengbing of production department announced the violations of rules of each unit between Jan and Mar, especially the 2.14 accident and 3.10 accident of YPC LDPE project. Production department required completion of risk resource recognization on site and analytic sheet for hazard in work. It also required that we should strengthen the education for employees. The supervisors on site need to do integrated management and implement patrol and callback regulations. Once a violation is found, the employee must be punished. All the forklift drivers must obey the <Forklift safe operation process> to prevent violations and ensure the safety.
              Manager Li Ping of personnel department announced the content of <Employee performance appraisal regulation> including the seven situations of production tasks, equipment maintenance, complaint of assessment, 6S, labor discipline, work attitude and awards. According to the aim of performance appraisal, he assessed performance of employees roundly, objectively and fairly. The regulation provides objective evidence for employee training, transferring, promotion and awards. Manager Li learned <Employee management regulation>, <Rewards and punishment regulation> and related rules of company again together with employees,
              Finally the chairman Shen Xuefei of company analyzed the whole external economic situation and opportunity and challenge of SuYang Company. He introduced the company culture and the talent project of our company and shared the experience of how to keep gratitude and how to improve happiness with employees.
              After the training, the leaders of departments communicated with employees. The employees said that they improved the self-knowledge, strengthened the responsibility, service awareness and safety awareness.



              NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd

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